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About us

The members of the Corporate Governance of wudnox have more than 35 years of business experience. Being set up with ideas of innovation and technology, wudnox has made a successful transition from being a large private business label to a profitable business brand.

The success of wudnox has been built largely on its unparalleled ability to research, innovate, and deploy Kitchen, Wardrobe, and Hardware solutions for every need in the Indian Market. Due to its main focus on Quality control, the brand is essentially accepted across India by consumers and traders alike.

wudnox plans to be a socially responsible and an environment-friendly Hardware Company. It is majorly focused on technology that minimizes the harm to the environment. It has a wide range of accessories spread across the spectrum of Kitchen Hardware and Wardrobe components.

wudnox continues to push boundaries to achieve and develop better solutions across the range of Home Decoration and Living.

  • To keep the chromium plating intact, wipe the products with soft cloth regularly. Never use any abrasive material, scouring pads for cleaning the products.
  • Do not use any cleaning agent which contains hydrochloric acid, formic acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid, and chlorine bleaching substance.
  • Do not use a hammer or any similar object to install the product.
  • Always contact professionals for installing the product.